Our Cleanroom garments are specifically designed and manufactured from a range of conforming Cleanroom/ESD fabrics that meets the IEST-RP-C003.4. With many years of designing and sewing experience, we have Cleanroom garments that can conform to ISO 4 requirements. The range of design provides head-to-toe coverage in various combinations such as, jumpsuit, smock, hood, sleeve cover, booties, and other accessories that suit all Cleanroom environments. With the latest edition of laser cutting machine to ensure minimum particulation after wash that gives you total peace of mind.

Cleanroom garment manufacturing involves 3 major areas:

FABRIC Selection

133G Series

– 133G is made suitable for Cleanroom Class 100 & 1000 environment. It is cost effectively durable with good filtration efficiency and ESD performance.

168 Series

168G is made suitable for Cleanroom Class 10 & 100 environment. Filtration efficiency over 90% @ 0.5micron with 3/2 twill weaving construction.

Purita 4 Series

– P4 is made suitable for Cleanroom Class 1000 and GMP room. It is robust and specially made for comfort with good air-permeability and excellent durability.

198S Series

– 198S is made suitable for medical gowns. This high-density water repellent woven fabric with carbon yarns, use advanced finishing specifically designed to meet stringent international medical product standards EN13795.

Cutting Options

Traditional Cutting with Burry Edge

Laser Cutting with Clean Edge